Morecambe Bay Sunsets

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About This Site

Why has this site been put together, and why are you here exactly?

by Alex Hall

But why? »

This site was put together simply because I have quite a number of photos dotted around that showcase how beautiful this small seaside town in the north west of England can be. It has a bit of a bad reputation for various reasons, but looking out over the bay towards the Lake District should give anyone a good reason to visit, or at least enjoy the sights that we do every day.

And, every day it's different! I have never seen the same sunset, never the same cloud formations (other than on grey days) and certainly never the same hills in the background and I've lived here quite a long time. If ever asked "don't you just get used to it?" I would have to reply with "no" because it's never the same and is always beautiful.